Misc Tin Signs


Vintage Signs Canada carries a wide range of reproduction vintage and retro tin signs.These retro style signs will make a great addition to any bar, garage, rec room, man cave or business. Each sign is made using metal, tin or aluminum.  Signs have folded edges for safe handling, with holes pre-punched in the corners for easy hanging. A selection of our signs have been purposely distressed with a weathered, worn, vintage look.  Please note: These signs are intended for indoor use only unless otherwise noted.

View all 5 o'clock somewhere a&w aircraft airplane AL MAC'S DRIVE IN alpaca alpaca gasses tin sign alpaca sign alpaca trio alpaca trio tin sign automobile automotive automotive sign automotivr automotve aviation bar sign barber chair barber shop bazooka bazooka gum bazooka gum tin sign bazooka joe bbq BE KIND beer beer sign BELL SYSTEMS bell telephone bell telephone tin sign beverage beverage sign BORDEN BORDEN'S ICE CREAM BORDON'S bourbon street buffalo canada canadian pacific CANADIAN STEAM SHIP candy casino cats CHARLIE BROWN chicks chilli peppers christmas CHRISTMAS SIGN CHRISTMAS TREE CHRISTMAS TREE SIGNS cigars CLOTHING coffee colt cow cowabunga cruise night DAIRY defence bonds DEPARTMENT STORE dick's dick's sausage dick's sausage tin sign diner diving dog dog sign dogs drive in drug store DRY GOODS ducks sign ducks welcome sign entertainment fairy fairy soap farm fire department FIRE DEPT FIRE DEPT TIN SIGN fire engine fire fighter fire station firearm firefighter fireman FISK FISK TIRES flange flight instructor flight instuctor on duty tin sign food FOOD AND BEVERAGE food item food sign ford ford sign ford truck french quarter gay cock gay cock foods gay cock packaging GEE BEE GEE BEE AIRPLANE gee bee racer GENERAL STORE gift cards GRANDPA'S GARAGE grill GROCERIES ham HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR CLUB heroes HIGH hot dogs hot peppers hot rod humor sign humour ice cream indian intermission sign it's 5 o'clock some where ivory soap jaws jaws movie jaws no swimming jaws tin sign JOE COOL king of the grill kiwi kochs kochs barber chair larry grossman liquor liquor sign liquor signs lucky's bar man cave MARIJANA MASSEY HALL MELS DINER metal sign moon pie moose movie sign mythical mythical sasquatch tin sign nautical neon sign neon sign collage NERD NERD LOUNGE TIN SIGN nickel NORTH POLE nugget nugget shoe creme overalls pay toilet PEANUTS GANG PEANUTS SNOOPY PETUNIA PETUNIA AND THE VIPERS pig POKER police police department pond sign popcorn public telephone RADIO TUBES rca RCA RADIO TUBES retro roadhouse rooster rooster brand rosie route 66 santa santa claus SANTA HOTROD SANTA SIGN sasquatch sasquatch tin sign scuba secrist shoe polish sign signs smoket bear snacks metal sign SNOOPY SNOOPY AND WOODSTOCK SNOOPY BARON SNOOPY JOE COOL SNOOPY TIN SIGN soap soda Sodas SPOGEBOB SQUARE PANTS SPONGEBOB SPONGEBOB TIN SIGN sports squirrel sign STEAM SHIP STREAMLINER DINER street sign stumpy petes surfing surfs up syrup telegraph telegraph sign TELEPHONE SIGN telephpne texas texas hold em THE NUT HOUSE THEATRE tin tin sign TIRE SIGN TIRE SIGNS titanic TOILET SIGN TORONTO victor video video games video games in progress tin sign vintage vintage sign WEED welcome sign western union western union sign'cable office sign wildlife wine wolf woody woody surfer wagon WOOLWORTH WOOLWORTHS zenith zenith radio